Even if you expertise the skill of make-up, brands will always make a difference in how you look. While you can easily score some cheap products in the market, they’ll never have the finish and glow that only quality make-up can provide. This is the first step that every makeup academy in Delhi tries to teach. Moreover, the quality of make-up will last all day long and prevent any damage to the skin as well.

The make-up industry has never disappointed its customers and kept introducing the brands that make a difference when you put them on. If you determine to use these top-notch brands below that lead the make-up industry, you’re quite unlikely to regret any other make-up purchase. Even if you plan to flourish as a renowned makeup artist in Delhi, it’s important to keep up with the quality requirements.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is named after its founder, Estee, who was skilled in the art of face creams ever since she was a child. Her passion for skincare and helping people look good helped her build a brand that’s still leading the make-up industry like no other. Their brand’s products range has skincare, make-up, technical, and fragrance products. If you have any product from this brand in your kit, you will always be ready to rock a look that stays for long too.

Maybelline New York

A brand that established from a family-owned business has now grown and developed so much that it’s one of the best selling make-up brands in the whole of America. But, the supply and demand of Maybelline are not limited to America as it’s one of the best products in India and other Asian countries too. This brand is known to produce scientifically-advanced products as per the demand of shades. With this brand’s product, there’s a definite chance for you to survive through a long day without losing the spark on your face.


Known for its aromatic fragrances all over the globe, Guerlain is known to explore, innovate, and enhance their products to keep pace with developing make-up needs. Guerlain has never disappointed its customers with its make-up, skincare, or fragrance products that excel the industry in every way. If you want to smell astonishing all day, try Guerlain today and get used never to be disappointed with the results.


Loreal has not only made its place in the make-up products but skincare products as well. We often use their shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, and what not daily and never seem to be upset about the results hence offered by the brand. If you’re already pleased with their other products, you should give a try to their make-up products too and see how good it is.


Already a successful name in the fragrance market, Chanel tried their luck in the make-up industry and turned out to be pretty well. Their make-up products ensure glamour and elegance unless you’ve taken them off yourself. This brand is perfect for carrying that chic look forever. You might feel like paying extra while buying even a single lipstick, but it will always be a product worth adding to your kit.

Add these five products to your make-up kit and be ready to add authenticity to any look you carry while keeping the elegance in check! Even if you plan to join any of the makeup courses in Delhi, these brands will always be there!

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