Lipstick is the prime thing that strikes to our mind when we think about makeup. Adding colour to the lips can make an enormous difference to the characteristics of your face. A poorly chosen shade of lipstick can easily dull and destroy your whole look.

That’s why it’s of utmost importance to choose a colour that compliments you.

We at MDM are excited to share these tips and tricks with you to help you select the ideal


Lipstick shade to look glamorous.


  1. Know your skin tone

The very first important step in selecting the right lip colour is determining what skin colour you have. There are 5 main types of skin complexion: medium, tan, deep, fair and light.



The lipstick shades that generally compliments well with fair or light skin are light coral, light pink, nude, peach, and dusty red colours



Cherry red, rose berry and mauve lipstick colours look beautiful on girls with a medium skin complexion.



Girls with a tan skin tone can totally rock and carry deep pink, bright red, coral and most other colons except for avoiding shades like brown and purple



Lipstick shades that looks great on deep skin tone best are purple and brown shades like plum, wine, caramel, and blue-based reds.


  1. Determine your skin undertone.


Knowledge of your skin undertone will surely help you. Generally, there are 3 kinds of undertones: warm, cool and neutral.

Cool undertones: light or fair skin— nude or soft mocha medium skin —  cranberry or pink shades; tan or deep skin — wine or ruby shades.

Warm undertones: fair or light skin — peachy nudes or pale pink; medium, tan or deep skin — bronze or copper shades.

Neutral: the wide variety of colours, both warm and cool tones.


  1. The shape of your lips:


Top heavy lips: bright vibrant lipstick on the lower lip and a slightly darker shade of the similar colour on the upper lip.

Bottom heavy lips: any color that compliments your undertone with a bit of light nude color right in the center of the upper lip.

Asymmetrical lips: use a lip pencil in a shade similar to the lipstick colour to outline the lips look evenly beautiful.


  1. Size of the lips:


Thin lips: avoid dark and flashy lipstick colours, they will only make your lips seem thinner. Use glosses and creamy lipsticks.

Plump lips: avoid lipstick shades that are too glittery, light coloured and glossy.


      5. Hair Colour :


Dark hair, fair and light skin:  scarlet, cherry, bright pink and plum colours.

Blond hair, fair and light skin: purple pink, light pink, dusty pink and scarlet colours

Dark hair, tan and deep skin: golden beige, bronze, and terracotta ochre colours.

Blond hair, tan and deep skin: ochre, “salmon” pink and warm pink.

Brown hair, medium skin:  “salmon” pink, corals,  deep dusty pinks, beige.

Red hair, fair skin: “salmon” pink, and burnt sienna, terracotta.


  1. Eye Colour:


Brown eyes: browns, light pinks, bright reds.

Blue eyes: scarlet colours and different shades of cherry.

Green eyes:  pinks and terracotta.

Grey eyes:  plum and nude colours.


  1. Teeth Colour :


White teeth: Congratulations! Yeay!!  You can choose whichever colour you like and prefer.

Yellow teeth:  slightly orange, light red colours, rose, Avoid browns,  bright scarlet, red and purple shades.

If you face issues determining your skin undertone, just follow these simple tricks:

Look at your veins. Blue and purple veins show cool toned skin; while green veins —indicates warm toned skin. If you can’t conclude for if your veins are blue or green, you have a neutral skin undertone.

You can also try on some silver and gold jewellery. Gold usually suits people with warm undertones, while silver compliments better on people who have cool undertones.


‌Now that all you gorgeous women know how to choose the ideal lipstick shade you’re ready to rock and roll slaying in style with MDM beauty tips only for you.

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