Witness The South Indian Beauty – Meenakshi Dutt Demo Makeup Class

North Indian, South Indian, the divisions are sort of fading these days a little, with both brides really getting inspired by each other and with all the ‘2 States’ weddings we are having these days, there are a lot of fusion brides we are spotting ,be it their makeup, traditional attire , jewellery or hairstyles who are really taking things to the next level.
Not just gorgeous lehengas, we spot so many alluring Kanjeevarams as well.! Especially the South Indian brides have a timeless vibe to her right from her jewellery to her saree to even her hair, and we are in love and all gaga about this ideal look. Trust us, you would have never wondered there is a wide range of variety and colours!
So we decided to decode the perfect beauty looks a typical south Indian bride must have this year that will make them outstand and the talk of the town.
This blog has the glimpse of knowledge for a perfect south Indian bride look by the best professional makeup artist in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt. Here are small insights of tips, tricks and makeup look done by her in her demo makeup class for quintessential South-Indian bridal look.
So if a contemporary South Indian bride is what you dream to be, then note down a few pointers from our demo makeup class by our expert list below during makeup course at MDM makeup academy.

Let’s sneak a peek in Meenakshi Dutt’s demo makeup class

makeup class - Meenakshi Dutt

Draping of the Saree:
MDM students by a special saree expert were taught right from the scratch on how to do the pleating and draping of the beautiful Kanjivaram south Indian saree.

Face Analysis – South Indian makeup look

1. Prepping of the skin: A dewy setting spray was used over the face to keep the makeup dewy and fresh throughout for the south Indian bride.

makeup class - Meenakshi Dutt

2. Liquid Concealer:A well branded liquid concealer by Colour Pop was further used to conceal the flaws and enhance the look of the face in her demo makeup class.

3. Contouring: Contouring is one of the most important steps to actually enhance and make the entire face look very alluring. Contouring was done and the features of the bride were beautifully merged and enhanced by Meenakshi Dutt.

4.Loose Powder /Compact: In her demo makeup class after the contouring, Meenakshi Dutt used a setting powder with a sponge to give good coverage and complete a flawless look.

5. Eyes: Moving on to the eyebrows Meenakshi Dutt with an eyebrow pencil gave a beautiful shape to the eyebrows. Followed with an eyeshadow, gold and purple, from her exclusive Huda Beauty pallete, complementing the gorgeous saree she used a beautiful black and blueliner on the waterline of eyes, and a black eyeliner giving the most dramatic and beautiful eyes ever also adding more volume with false lashes and mascara, the eyes that could make anyone spellbound.

makeup class - Meenakshi Dutt

6. Blush & Highlighter: To give those beautiful yet natural looking rosy cheeks, a hint of peach and pink blush followed with highlighter was just that was needed to get that glow.

7. Lipstick: To give those fuller and gorgeous lips an amazing lip shade with a hint of peach and brown from her amazing collection beautifully created those ideal lips with a magical look altogether.

makeup class - Meenakshi Dutt

After the makeup was done the hair and jewellery were beautifully done by Meenakshi Dutt hairstylists focussing on :
Proper south Indian Juda with a neat and tidy braid.
Well complimented with beautiful flowers to complete and complement that beautiful and perfect south Indian bridal look.


makeup class - Meenakshi Dutt
Beauty is what Meenakshi Dutt always create and enhance. To master the art of makeup like a true legend and professional, and know the latest trends and techniques of makeup, you can register yourself to MDM academy and follow your dreams and get your talent nurtured
Hope these little pointers helped you to have an idea of what and how a traditional yet beautiful south Indian bridal look is achieved and looks like to be with an MDM touch.

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