Tips For Brides with Dusky Skin

With Indian actresses refusing to endorse skin fairness products and admired for their ‘exotic Indian’ skin tone worldwide, it has been proved that dusky makeup can flatter their beauty. Over and over again, the dusky skin beauties of India have proved that you do not need to have fair skin to look glamorous despite what the fairness skin products still tell you. 

If you are one of those blessed with this lovely and unique skin tone and want to get ready for a party or an event, even as a bride, keep reading to know more on how you can glow with these simple tips. 

5 Tips For Bridal Makeup For Dusky Skin

Here are 5 rules of the thumb along with the tips to ensure that the bridal makeup for dusky skin is flawless for the big day or any event you want to attend and stand out as dusky makeup. 

  1. Exfoliate: As mentioned earlier, dusky skin tone makeup looks great, but to get that even-toned complexion and avoid the patchy or washed outlook, you mustn’t skip the cleansing routine. You have to exfoliate and moisturize to get that even and smooth finish for the dusky skin tone makeup.  
  2. Foundation: We cannot emphasize more on using the best foundation for dusky Indian skin. Finding the right foundation is essential. Use these tips to find the best foundation for dusky skin. 
  • Never choose a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. Always use the one that is closest to the shade of the skin. A lighter shade foundation will make your makeup look patchy and greyish. If you do not know which one suits you best, ask for an expert’s advice. 
  • In case you cannot find the right foundation, you can try to mix two shades that create the right color for your skin. 
  • Pro Tip is to test the foundation on your jawline or forehead to get the right color instead of the wrist. 
  • Choosing the right and the best foundation for dusky skin also includes considering your skin type. One type does not fit all. If you have dry skin, opt for a cream-based foundation, and for oily skin, choose a water-based foundation. 
  • One of the pro-tips for applying foundation for dusky skin tone makeup is to mix the foundation with few drops of water or moisturizer on your palm before applying it. This will blend the foundation perfectly with your skin and will not appear patchy.
  • Always use foundation on your neck because you would not want to have a different shade of face and neck. 
  • It is vital that you use some translucent powder and dab it on your face and neck since dusky skin tone tends to look oily after some time. 
  • Eye Makeup For Dusky Skin: Eyes are often the prominent feature of dusky-skinned beauties, so highlight it and play it to your advantage, whether you are doing bridal makeup for dusky skin or a regular dusky skin tone makeup. Here are some tips to highlight the eye makeup for dusky skin. 
  • Stay with the natural look with the eye makeup for dusky skin if you are not planning to overdo it or for regular eye makeup. Use cream-based eyeliners instead of liquid ones as they are easy to blend and help you achieve that natural look while highlighting your eyes. 
  • If you are doing bridal eye makeup for dusky skin, opt for dark shades like copper, brown, burgundy, prune, or even dark metallic shade. Avoid using lighter shades like purple or pink; it will take away from your features rather than adding. 
  • Invest in good mascara and use lots of it to make the lashes look longer and bolder. But be aware of not having clumpy eyelashes. There is nothing worse than having eyelashes stuck together because of mascara. 
  • The Perfect Blush: Even if you like the shades of brown and beige, it is not the color for dusky skin tone makeup. Dusky makeup should include colors such as deep orange, rose, and coral for blushes. Bridal makeup for dusky skin can use shimmers with gold tones as they will do wonders and add that oomph factor.
  • For daytime outings, dusky skin-toned beauties can use dark rose blush, and for the evening, opt for wine, plum, or bronze shades. But be careful not to use too much of the bronzer. Overuse of the shade can make you look charred instead of tanned. 
  • Adventure with Lip Colors: Dusky-skinned beauties can have an adventurous time with lip colors. If you are on the playful side, then you can opt for shades like burgundy, berry, mauve, plum, or colors along this line. If you want to keep it simple during the daytime, nude lipsticks can be your best friend as they look fabulous on dusky skins. 

You can use glossy lipsticks or matte, both will suit your skin color well, and for parties, you can go for shimmery and frosty shades. But do stay away from shades like brick, maroon, brown, and mahogany. These colors will make your face look pale and darker. 

Here is a pro tip on how to make the lip color shine. If you are worried that your lips are dark and the colors don’t exude well, we recommend applying a little foundation on your lips and then wearing the lipstick. It will not only make them look brighter but also last longer.  But always remember to be confident and take pride in your skin because it is a unique shade as you are. Confidence is the key to showcase the beauty that you are. If you want to learn more about getting the perfect dusky makeup for every day or bridal makeup for dusky skin, you can learn the art of beauty by Meenakshi Dutt, the best bridal makeup artist in India

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