frizzy hair

Summer can be a very tough climate when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair. However, there can be a time when your hair goes frizzy for no reason. Here are a few tried and tested ways to tame that hair and look presentable all the time as per the best makeup artist.

  1. Choosing an appropriate shampoo can be a bit tricky. As most of us do not go through the chemicals present in the shampoo, we tend to pick up the wrong one which can eventually hair the scalp and the hair. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo that has glycerine present in it for the nourishment. Glycerine adds as a protective layer outside of the hair to fight frizz.
  2. There can be times when we miss applying conditioner on the hair. Usage of conditioner helps in preventing the cuticle from losing moisture and keep them smooth. Ingredients like glycerine and shea butter have a great hydrating property. Apply it from the mid-length down the tip to keep hydrated. Avoid applying it on the roots as it may make your scalp oily, says Meenakshi Dutt.
  3. Most of us might think that due to humidity and dirt our hair needs shampoo frequently, but this isn’t true. Apply conditioner every two days and then wash it out. This will help in cleaning dirt which is accumulated in your scalp. Conditioner helps in maintaining the PH level by not removing the natural oils of your hair.
  4. Masks are very useful when it comes to giving proper nourishment to your hair. Keeping your hair hydrated helps in protecting your hair from opening up which can cause frizz. Masking keeps hair moisturized and protects from damaging when using heat for a long time. Coconut oil and castor oil works well for dehydrated hair and scalp. These components add sheen to your hair when washed and styled accordingly.
  5. Always remember drying 90% of your hair naturally before blow drying them. This can be a life changing advice for a lot of women who style their hair every day. By letting them dry on their own, you aren’t disrupting the hair strand that keeps them smooth. With the use of a hairdryer after that, you get a sleeker and straight finish.

It is understandable that taming frizzy hair is challenging, but with these mentioned procedures, it is not impossible. There is a makeup academy in Delhi that teaches the benefits of using natural methods when it comes to hair-care or skin-care. When referred to a bridal makeup artist in Delhi, you will understand various other ways that can help you in keeping your hair healthy. If wanting to pursue a career in this industry, you can look for makeup artist course in Delhi.

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