While you might be more concerned about your bridal clutch than what’s inside the clutch, but not to forget what’s important to girls. There are several things that come super handy during the wedding, and we are sure if you add this 6 killer and basic things in it, you are gonna be super thankful to us for keeping up the look all touched and decked up. No matter what else you add, these 6 super fix and ideal things have to be in there, and we also tell you why!

So here are 6 things by the best makeup artist in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt, which are very essential and ideal to be in your bridal handbag and we feel no bride should be without them especially on her big day.

1. Your lipstick, or at least, lip shade similar to it.

According to Meenakshi Dutt, if you’re using your own lip colour, then you definitely should carry that. If it’s your MUA’s lipstick,  then carry a lipstick similar to the shade she has applied on you. If you can manage it, don’t waste time and buy the exact shade beforehand, keeping it would be perfect. Lipcolor is surely something important and you don’t want to be caught without, or even worse faded!

2. Safety pins for emergencies! 

That goes without saying, they are the petite lifesavers! Safety pins can come in very handy and convenient for you to just do about anything and you should definitely keep a few of them in your bridal clutch for sure to fix any wardrobe issues. Carry them to protect things better or for rips and tears, always a great idea. 

3. Tissues… because there will be tears!

Just so that you don’t have to wipe your tears with your dupatta or ask out for someone’s handkerchief. Keep it handy in your bridal clutch, so that you don’t make your eye makeup messy and still give a clean beautiful look even when it gets emotional. 

4.  Breath mints or Chewing Gum!

Meenakshi Dutt, recommends, that when you have to stay quiet for such a long time or you go without drinking water, it can get a little funky and weird in your mouth, and ideally, you need to be confident when you whisper something to your bae or BFF. So do not forget to carry mint strips, mints or even chewing gum to keep bad breath at bay and keep you refreshing throughout.

5. A small perfume.. to mesmerize!

This one is essential and very important especially if it’s your wedding. Make sure to pack a travel-sized version of your favorite perfume into your bridal clutch to mesmerize everyone with your aura that’s just beyond perfect.

6. Compact with Mirror for a quick fix and touch-ups!

When you quickly want to steal a glance, fix your lipstick or take the shine off your nose this one does a lot of multitasking and is a sweet lifesaver too, this has to be for sure in your bridal clutch for a quick fix.

We hope these 6 mandates in your bridal clutch, by the professional makeup artist, Meenakshi Dutt, has definitely struck their importance on your D-day. 

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