Finally, it’s your turn to be a bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid is a part of honour apart from this it is a bundle of responsibilities. You would have to plan a bachelorette. Some coordination in sangeet practices. Most of you would have to look after the bride’s needs. With all those things, helping her with the other functions. Heavy tasks, overwork load, and sleeplessness. After all these responsibilities and tasks, it is very important to look beautiful as well as unique. Here are some beautiful and easiest looks suggested by Meenakshi Dutt for a glamorous bridesmaid.

1. Soft Glam

Soft glam looks most gives a natural and effortless look. It requires only a foundation (as per skin tone). And contouring, precise eye makeup, a good amount of highlighter and the perfect soft and light lipstick. By the way, these looks are less time consuming and comfortable for every skin tone. However, the professional makeup artist in Delhi always suggests some blush and a nude lip for a day time function.

2. Bold means Beautiful

So, if you like “Over the Top” makeup and you are a bridesmaid, and then it is a perfect look for you. Attractive and smoky eye makeup. With a glamorously dark lipstick, The makeup will give you a bold look. When we talk about dark and bold makeup. The focus points are always your eyes and the lips which make them best for night functions.

3. Mattei look

If you don’t want to play touch-up, touch-up to keep your makeup fresh. Then an everlasting matte makeup will keep your freshness long-lasting. The best method to get ready in this mattei look is to use products that do not make you feel cakey. You need to use products that can give you a proper glow and shine. So that everything keeps sticks on your face without touch up, for a long time. Also, matte makeup is good for the ladies who do not enjoy many sparkles and shine over the makeup. The best way to mattify any makeup, the matte setting spray plays a marvelous role to glam up your function.

4. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are known to be evergreen kinds of makeup styles. It is a great way to achieve a dramatic look while ensuring your makeup is not too exorbitant. You can use a nude lip or dark lipstick to give the best combination with smokey makeup. The lip color should off course depend upon the time and kind of function you’re attending. A smokey eye look not only involves black makeup. You can brush up your eyes either with blue, black, browns or greens. For day time it is always suggested by the top makeup artist to apply Smokey makeup. For night time you can increase the intensity by adding more pigment to your look. without looking at your makeup over.

Now my dear bridesmaid! For now, all you need is to apply these makeup styles. One by one for every function, also you can use the combinations of these makeup styles. Which will, of course, depending on the time, theme and also on your beautiful dress. The best part is, these makeup ideas will not take much time to achieve the look. As you will not be having much time as a bridesmaid.

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