How to put on makeup

Glam up and get smokey eyes while polishing your makeup skills

While trying the first hand on makeup and products, there can be a lot of moments that can go horribly wrong. It is not a cakewalk to get glowing skin, full lips, gorgeous eyes, and a sight to behold perfect makeup. To come up with the best solutions, it requires quality products and expert techniques.

There are tons of options that one can opt for including waterproof makeup, applicator tips, skin undertones, E.LF. Cosmetics brushes, etc. These are some of the topmost choices that answer confounding questions regarding makeup. With this said, let us go through some amazing tips to get a gorgeous look every day. Why watch out for special occasions to glam up now? Let us answer your question – How to put on makeup in the right way.

How to put on makeup for beginners?

The best way to alleviate the fear of makeup is to invest some time in trying it out. One of the major things about looking gorgeous is that it requires minimal efforts to keep it light and polished for a finishing look. Before starting, keep in mind to apply the product the right way. Firstly, this will help in craving in the beauty of face and secondly, it helps in getting the best out of products.

Foundation – Consider it as a part of the skincare routine. It is advisable to opt for the foundation as per the complexion of your face. There are topmost brands that are my favorite including Maybelline, Mac, Huda Beauty and even Colorbar. Wash your face before applying the foundation to remove dust particles. Start applying face moisturizer to give it a base and spread it out with sponge and brush. Concealer can also be used in place of moisturizer if desired coverage is not obtained.

This will ensure to give finishing to the face and help in applying foundation efficiently. Make sure to now pile up the foundation over face and spread it evenly on face, under your eyes and neck. With the help of blending sponge, spread it out over skin and get a finishing effect. BB and CC cream can also work amazingly to get flawless skin. Complete the look with compact powder – transparent or translucent. This go-to product is a way to give a natural effect.

  • Contouring – How to put on makeup countering is one of the most asked questions. It is extremely intimidating to get ideal result for countering. However, with Bobbi Brown stick, it requires some practice to get the best highlight. This will help in popping up the features and erase the dulling effect. The shade of contouring stick must be a big darker your complexion to get desired results.

Start a line from the top of your ear and move towards the lip corner in an angled line. Make sure that it goes to the middle of your cheeks and around the forehead perimeter. Cover your jawline and draw lines on the nose bridge. Then, cover the part under eyes with concealer in the form of spots or lines. Start by blending it with the help of blending sponge or a fluffy brush. This will help in beautifying the face and add defined lines to it avoiding any harshness.

  • Eyebrows – Once, the contouring is done in the right way, move towards your eyes to get finishing look. Keep in mind that less is always more while applying mascara, liner, and eyeshadow. As mentioned above, blending is an ideal way to get the best makeup experience. The Maybelline eyeshadow must be a shade higher than your skin type or of the same color. Make sure to blend it correctly to avoid harsh lines. Using the same color as the foundation to merge it with makeup lines.

To brighten up your eyes, you can use the color liner on the lash line to give natural look. Once, the liner is placed on the lower lash, apply Mascara – Maybelline Greatlash Waterproof Mascara and Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara – on the outer direction to maintain curls. It can take a few turns, but with practice, Mascara can be applied properly. Eyebrow shaping is the final touch to play around colors or natural brow color. Avoid using brown or black pencil and go for brow color with a lighter shade for shading. Using natural colors is the best way to start your makeup journey.

  • Blush and Lips – To get a natural look, lip color and blush are a must-have to the complete the makeup. A small amount of blush on cheeks can add beauty to the smiley face. However, make sure to use a light hand while applying blush as in two pink circles and spread it out lightly over cheeks. If you have Lakme or Maybelline blush then simply use the pink rose Lakme or Maybelline lip color for a long-lasting effect.

Then move towards, the lip color to give it a brighter or lighter effect. It is better to start with a pink and nude lip shade to get a natural look. The lip gloss with a bit darker shade can also add a different look to the overall makeup style. The better style to get a natural look is to be subtle for the colors you are trying on.


My main aim is to ensure that makeup is subtle, natural and fresh for every face. Hence, don’t let your time be your guiding angle and give it a try whenever you can. Be simple and confident while stepping out of your home. You can also take Meenakshi Dutt classes to learn all about Makeup and subtle ways to know how to put on makeup

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