Nothing feels more blessed to be able to put a smile, confidence and add glamour quotient to a person’s personality. A skilled makeup artist can transform a person into someone or something completely different, whether it’s for beauty, special occasion, festivals, etc.

Their dedication and hard work don’t go unnoticed, particularly in the movie industry. Like any form of art, it takes quite a bit of studying, practice, and courage to master this beautiful art of makeup. Here we are to assist you to accomplish your dreams and become a professional certified makeup artist with the unparalleled, talented and popular makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt, for those looking to enter the profession or just cultivate a challenging hobby we are here to serve you at MDM.

Course Overview:

All the courses by Meenakshi Dutt with daily practice and demonstrations are private and are self- conducted and taught by herself and her senior trainers.

MDM offers full placement assistance and an exclusive option of freelance link up with all the students, the deserving ideal students are placed in MDM franchises, the latest being the employment of many MDM students at the Noida MDM branch.

In case there is no vacancy, MDM also assists in offering career opportunities at top Make-Up exclusive brands and stores!

MDM certified students have conquered the hearts of people with their talent across the globe in America, England and many more.

‌Being a professionally certified MDM MUA is itself a highly prestigious title, so ladies stop dreaming, kick-start your career, dream, passion, love, and hobby to slay in glamour with this mind-blowing art of Makeup and feel proud to spill the magic and enhance the persona to foster all smiles and beauty everywhere around. Don’t miss it and be a part of these exclusive courses at MDM only for you. We at MDM believe in aspiring and encouraging your talent and assisting you to reach new heights and endeavors.