Even for the most seasoned makeup fan — let alone a beauty beginner — putting together suitable makeup for beginners may be difficult and daunting. It can be challenging to know which ones would work best for you when hundreds upon thousands of goods to pick from.

But don’t worry: we’ve put up a list of all the makeup essentials, products, and tools you’ll need in your cosmetic bag if you’re just getting started (or an experienced user seeking to switch things up a touch).

1. Get Your Skin Ready

Beautiful skincare is the foundation for great makeup. Of course, having a clean palette is essential. Starting with a light cleanser, we recommend that you wash your face. After that, apply a moisturizer. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, moisturizer is required! We all need moisturizer, regardless of our skin type: dry, oily, or acne-prone. Then, always (yes, always!) use SPF after your moisturizer. We recommend adding a layer of hydration right before application. Facial Mist with Water You’re ready to apply makeup now that your skin is clean, hydrated, and primed.

2. Brushes & Sponge

The appropriate tools are essential, and all you need are a few brushes and a blender sponge. A broad rounded brush, such as our Blush Brush, a small flat brush, our Super Fluff Brush, and a precision brush, such as our Angle Brush, are excellent options. To achieve a flawless appearance, invest in a decent set of brushes and sponges and include them in a list of makeup products for beginners

3. The Primer

Face primer is a must-have on the list of makeup products for beginners. It will give you a smooth and flawless base that will keep your makeup in place all day.

4. Concealer

A concealer is one of those bare cosmetics to keep on you at all times among the list of makeup essential for beginners (just in case). Choose a creamy solution that helps conceal dark bags beneath the eyes and unwelcome imperfections.

Use NARS Concealer and Foundation to give your make a flawless look. You can get the right shade for your skin from the range of tones they offer. Using the right brush is also essential when applying the concealer and foundation. You can get the brush from Meenakshi Dutt’s collection.

5. Foundation

Although the foundation is the base of any makeup process, you don’t have to smear it all over your face, whether complex or straightforward. Apply to areas of uneven skin tone or discoloration. Consider a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation if you don’t require as much coverage or prefer something a touch lighter.

6. Create a contour

Using a contour to generate shadows and carve out your facial features is the next stage in adding depth and complexity to your face. Contour sticks are a must-have cosmetic item for novices since they allow you to manage the amount of product you apply to your face. Creamy contour sticks are very easy to mix and are ideal for producing soft, natural-looking makeup.

7. Colored pencils

Even if you’re a complete newbie, this beauty product is a must-have in your makeup bag. There are many types of colored pencils available in the market. Ranging from different shaded for your lips, that works absolutely fine as lipsticks to a wide range of eyeliners.

8. Blush

Look for a warm blush that offers a pop of color to the apples of your cheeks when selecting a go-to blush (and a little life to your whole complexion).

Highlighters can help you improve your beauty game, whether you favor a natural no-makeup look or appreciate going full glam. The Different Ways Of Using Highlighter may help you get the most out of this essential beauty tool, whether you mix a little liquid highlighter with your foundation for a gorgeous glow from within or add some shimmer  with a powder highlighter

9. Setting Powder (Translucent)

In the end, a light dusting of translucent powder settles and controls shine. If you have an oily T-zone or sweat easily, you’ll appreciate having a shine-controlling setting powder on hand. It’s also a lifesaver when it comes to concealing blemishes or discoloration you don’t want the world to see:

  • Apply foundation to the problem area.
  • Set with powder.
  • Dab on concealer.
  • Set with powder again.

10. Eyeliner and Mascara

Curl, lengthen, and volumize your lashes with a tube of your favorite mascara to make your eyes sparkle. To further define and subtly highlight your eyes, use a similar or contrasting eyeliner shade.

It’s time to change the game from using boring black or brown eyeliners to match the color with your dress or something that will make your eyes look gorgeous. Different colored eyeliners, as used by Meenakshi Dutt, can do wonders to your face and eyes.

11. Pencil for the brows

Shape, fill in, and define your brows using a Brow Pencil or comb and tame them with Clear Mascara, which also doubles as a brow gel.

12. Lipstick in Red and Beige

A pair of flexible lip colors—a red or comparable bright tone and a neutral shade—that can take you from day to night or work for any event is essential in any kit.

13. Setting Mist

Last but not least, this beauty product is necessary to ensure that all of your hard work is preserved until the end of the day. To guarantee your look lasts all day, use a makeup setting spray at the end of your routine. A Setting Spray Hack for keeping your makeup looking and feeling fresh is to spritz it a few times during the day.

14. Makeup Wipes

Even professionals make errors, so having makeup remover on hand is usually a brilliant idea (paired with those pointed Q-tips to erase any makeup mishap). Plus, towards the end of the day, you’ll need a light makeup remover to get rid of any remaining traces of makeup.

Final Thoughts

You’ve now made your very own personalized makeup list for beginners, and it wasn’t that difficult, was it? Now go to the Makeup Academy to try out the various makeup items, have a makeover, experiment with different formulas and colors, and learn how to create different looks for multiple occasions.

Never forget to get the right brushes for your makeup. A wrong brush will leave you wanting for something more. Try Meenakshi Dutt’s makeup brushes to get that flawless makeup look that works perfectly on your face.

The MDM brush kit has 29 brushes specially designed by Meenakshi Dutt herself from her experience of 23 years. Specially perfected, tried, and tested for the vast variety of Indian faces. The kit includes a Blusher brush, a Small contour brush, powder brush, foundation brush etc the full 29 brushes are required to perfect your makeup with soft hair on every brush! It comes with a stylish pouch to hold all the brushes!



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