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It is not surprising that many people daydream to become a makeup artist. Just spending days around beauty trends, cool clients and different looks experiment speak a lot about this serious yet exciting job. However, makeup artistry is not as easy as we believe since it requires a lot of glamour and skills. There is a list of dos and don’ts that an aspirant makeup artist must be aware of to reach the top. Cosmetics, skin, brows, lashes, etc. form a perfect beauty oyster in the world of makeup. A makeup artist is a requirement for everyone including theaters, salons, cosmetic companies, brides, celebrities fashion brands and TV Shows.

How to become a makeup artist with small Dos and Don’ts?

Makeup artist job requires a lot of considerations to reach a potential of makeup in the world of a diverse world. when it comes to cosmetic experimenting then there is no limitation of location. It can be at home to hone up your skills and try your hands-on different products. So, let us take some essential tips from experts into contemplation to become a makeup artist.

Dos of being a Makeup Artist:

  • Do Your Homework – It is vital to understand the requirement of customer or every state while playing around blush or contour. Everyone has their own face type and skin color that makes it essential for artists to know simple things. It is best to opt for professional training and certification to clear off small makeup steps. In addition to this, the beauty salon and celebrity’s makeup cannot have any hitch in it. Hence, it is best to figure it out to grasp the opportunities.
  • Approachable and Friendliness – This is not something that is described in any of the professional class. To become a makeup artist, it is best to be polite and friendly toward your clients. This is a vital part of being a makeup artist since they can’t let their customers suffer due to a bad day. Professionalism comes up with accessibility and pleasant nature making them more approachable.
  • Consistent Network – Widening up the contact list is a great way to go with the profession as a makeup artist. It comes as a plus point to know about individuals and customers. It might be your next job or a customer that can bring down some business to you. Hence, it is best to be aware of the people around that are consistent.
  • Instincts – It is ideal for makeup artists to trust their instincts that help to become a makeup artist. With practices, this skill will enhance and allow you to grow in the cosmetic field. In addition to this, asking for help from others is not a bad thing since it can be extremely helpful while boosting the experience. So, don’t hesitate when it comes to any confusion or doubt.
  • Foundation Shade – The color of your neck and wrist is different than each other. However, not many beginners are aware of this fact and use their wrist as highlight selector. It is a vital tip that must be kept in mind while to go far in the fashion industry.
  • Be Updated with Trends – In order to become a makeup artist, it is best to be aware of the latest trends and techniques in the industry. It is essential to know about the latest brands, makeup style, dress, etc. that has a direct effect on makeup applications. This will also give an idea of the techniques that are tested or famous in the glamour world.

Don’ts of being a Makeup Artist:

  • Negative Words – A common ethic in the race of becoming a makeup artist is to steer clear of negative comments. The comments can be a time-waster or it is possible that you might end up losing a client as well.
  • Don’t delay – Many makeup artists wait for the client to come up and remain unprepared for the job. Relying on the last minute is the worst thing to do when it comes to makeup. It is possible that a product is not available and your last minute can ruin your chance to get appropriate results.
  • Bad lighting – Lighting is extremely important for makeup as it has the ability to showcase the beauty on the face. The first choice is natural daylight that might not be a feasible choice for everyone. In the present time, LED has gained popularity with focus evenly on the client. If you are aiming to become a makeup artist then avoid overhead light as much as possible.
  • Poor Cosmetic Quality – Many makeup artists rely on the products that are not of good quality that doesn’t showcase the actual face glow. The makeup products show the customers who you are and hence, it is best to avoid lower quality products. There are branded products including St. Tropez, Almay, Laura Mercier, No7, Natural Wonder, Cristtee, etc. that are popular globally.


My journey to becoming a makeup artist was not an easy one. There wasn’t a professional or mentor that can guide me through dos and don’ts of fashion and glamor industry. Hence, I want others to know things that are a complete no do in the glamor world. You can learn all about the makeup and be an artist with our Meenakshi Dutt classes that show different ways to embrace your artists and reach the top.

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