Everyday makeup tutorial For Indian Skin

Indian women are blessed with a beautiful skin tone that many Caucasians spend money in tanning salons to get that color. So be proud of it and flaunt it. You do not have to be Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, or Bipasha Basu to be proud of your dusky Indian skin tone, rather be who you are and flaunt it with a bit of makeup but after watching everyday makeup tutorial for brown skin.

In case you are one of those who have an indefinable love for makeup, it is not possible to wear all your fancy shades at one time. Also, there is nothing chicer than to wear makeup and yet look natural on Indian skin. Simple and wearable makeup for every day is a must and quite apt for most occasions and days.

Everyday simple makeup will give you that refreshing glow that cakey layers of makeup with creams and powders can never do. 

Keep reading this article to enjoy the everyday makeup tutorial For Indian Skin. 

Everyday makeup tutorial for indian skin
Everyday makeup tutorial for Indian skin

Keep These Handy

There are few essential items that you must keep handy to keep your everyday natural makeup exciting and not get bored with it. For the neutral everyday makeup tutorial for Indian skin, you should have some natural shades and makeup items listed below.

There are a plethora of colors and neutral shades available in the market that will flatter your dusky skin tone and give you the flawless makeup you want. So here is the list.

  • Lightweight foundation/ BB Cream: No matter what kind of makeup you are doing, you always need a good and even tone base to work on. It would be best to find a lightweight foundation for everyday dusky skin tone makeup not to look too heavy. A BB cream with SPF will also work fine, which will protect your skin while working as a foundation. 

  If you have heavy pigmentation, we advise you to use a makeup concealer to hide the spots. 

  • Compact Powder: Buy a compact powder to set the foundation. It is essential to ensure that your skin does not look oily after some time. 
  • Eye Shadow: As part of a simple makeup tutorial for Indian skin, opt for eye shadows with earthy tones. Though this is an item that can be optional, an eye shadow always will help you to define your eyes. But we cannot emphasize enough to go for a neutral and earthy palate for everyday dusky skin makeup.
  • Eye Liner: Most Indians are blessed with defined eyes already, and adding a deep black kajal or an eye pencil will make your eyes look even brighter. Even if you skip on the eye shadow, just using eyeliner as part of your everyday makeup will add extra zing to your features. 
  • Mascara: If you are one of those who take pride in their eyes, boost them further with voluminous mascara on your lashes. In case you are not that excited about your eyes as a feature, then also as part of your everyday makeup for dusky skin tone, use mascara with the eyeliner. We can assure you when applied correctly. It will become one of the most attractive features of your face. 
  • Nude Lipstick: Get the favorite neutral color lipstick of yours for your everyday makeup. The Indian skin tone looks fabulous with neutral shades. Also, stack up on some shades like burgundy, berry, mauve, plum, or color variants along this palate. 
  • Blush: Once again, if you plan to use blush in your everyday makeup routine, then opt for a neutral palette. You can also invest in colors like deep orange, rose, and coral for blushes. But remember to go easy on the blush when you are wearing it for work or daytime engagement every day.  

Now that you have these essential makeup items in your kitty, there is a range of looks you can go for every day that is natural and simple to do. All you have to do is follow these 10 steps while playing with the colors. 

Everyday makeup tutorial For Indian Skin

You can get that glowing beautiful finished makeup look that exudes minimalism with our everyday makeup tutorial or for now you can follow these simple steps. Mix your moisturizer and foundation in your palm, and always use a foundation brush to apply it. If you want the foundation to stay longer, we advise you to mix a bit of primer with the foundation before applying it. 

In case you suffer from pigmentation, dot the concealer on the affected areas and blend them well. 

  • Highlight your cheekbones and spread them evenly, so they do not look like a strip on your cheeks. 
  • It’s time to put the blush on that has a neutral shade, as mentioned earlier. 
  • For your lipstick, pick the color that accentuates your lips and can be used every day. 
  • Use the eyeliner not only on your lids but also on the lower lash lines. 
  • For eyeshadow, you can use this trick of using a brown eyeliner pencil and a smudge brush to color it evenly. You can also use the similar shade you used for your blush to highlight your eyelid. 
  • Use the setting powder or compact powder to ensure that the makeup stays in place. 
  • If you want a dramatic eye effect, apply a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes. 
  • We are almost there; before the final step, apply the mascara from the base to the top. You can even use a curler to curl the lashes. 
  • The final step is to use a brow comb to shape your brows, and also, you can apply brow filler if you want to. 

You are now just as beautiful as you are with a glowing face. But most important of all, be confident of who you are, and you will shine through. 

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