floral buns

My beautiful bride! so there are many options when it comes to your Mehendi night or sangeet hairstyle. But, when it comes to your wedding day. The day when you have to give a look like a Rajkumari, then you need a combo of the traditional and stylish bun on your head.

But what if you would like some unique bun, not floral bun? Or what if you’re a Christian bride? No worries, we are here with the simplest hair accessories. Which may give your bun a singular and pretty look.

  1. Let’s start with simplicity, which never faints.

A simple Juda pin with a diamond tip works for a bride who doesn’t want gaudy makeup or if she may be a Christian bride! To form it spicier or dramatic, you can choose a bit styled bun rather than a normal bun. A bride can use this type of hairstyle after post-wedding ceremonies too. When she has to hold dupatta on her head.

  • Let’s move to vine hair clips.

Artistic and delightful, flower vine clips can doll up your look immediately. You can use two clips on a messy bun and the bun look awesome when covered with netted dupatta.

  • Cover edge to edge

You can choose a Juda pin that covers your bun one edge to a different edge, with studs and pearls. You can use silver or golden or rose gold too depending upon your dress contrast. It will look stunning and comfy to hold.

  • What about tiny beats or stud clips?

Dear bride, you can pair one flower string which is covering a little surface of your bun with tiny studded clips. Now we predict that’s cute! Nothing odd and gaudy, but much enough to style your bridal bun!

  • Something old is back in trend.

Do you know hair harness? No, maybe! Hair harnesses are the ancient jewel used by Rajkumaries and Rani saa. The trend got lost over time. But now, we see it’s coming back. So the darling bride and the trend follower and tie your bun with hair harness, and grab the look of a princess on your wedding day.

  • Beads and Strings.

You can choose to cover the whole bun with beaded strings in gold or rose gold. This may definitely replace floral bun in a very glamorous context.

  • Why for bun only?

 Select jewellery for your back neck too Back jewelry is very uncommon for an Indian bride; a lot out of us may not opting it. But trust me it’ll be another trend you’ll run to appear more glamorous on your D’ Day. The pearl strings, coupled with a studded pin in the middle completes the look, what do you think now?

  • Bridal bun cap is another way to cover your bun.

Imagine!!! A studded covering your bun, with intricate details and patterns. It will look stunning and fashionable too! You’ll be able to customize it with artificial flowers or diamond beads or golden (any contrast) pearls.

  • What do you think about tiny jhummar?

This one is ideal for the brides who are jewelry lovers and do not mind going for all the newest styles. So we are trying to explain the little jhumkies and beaded string covering your whole bun. So you are reaching to try something traditional and unique.

  1. And this one, A pin covering with beautiful flowers!

So, here technically you will be going to pin your bun with a cultured broach or with a round-shaped earring but it will be the heavy flowers swirled all around the bun which will give your bun a decent and trendy look.

Now select the simplest hair bun as per your lehenga and choose your makeup artist to form a deal for your D’ Day. Your followers and loved ones are waiting to ascertain you like a princess bride.

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