Did you too stock up luxury skincare products amid the lockdown? Not only the purchase, but you have to take care of the sanitization of your makeup products.

It is a tough time!

The entire world is fighting a battle with the Coronavirus global pandemic. More than 170 countries are affected by the deadly infection. Globally, 7 lakhs people are infected by SARS-CoV-2. It’s time when most of the regions across the world are practicing social distancing. The longest-ever lockdown in India’s history is one such step to deal with the situation.

The recent scenario has put a halt on our tasks.

Coronavirus On Your Beauty Products

The government alone can’t fight with it. You have to take care of yourself. Sanitizing your hands, disinfecting your daily use of things like your makeup brushes would help you containing the virus. The virus can live on copper for up to four hours and for one day on cardboard. What about plastic and stainless steel? 3 days. Most of our makeup including compacts, makeup tools, and brush handles are made of all the above-cited materials.

What if your makeup products are used by somebody ill? You have to be very imperative in cleaning and disinfecting your products. Experts recommend the following

Brush Bristles: Use gentle but effective soaps
Liquid And Cream Products: Put the brush into a few drops of olive oil and then rinse the brushes with soap and water.
Effect of Coronavirus On Makeup Usage

If you are a makeup freak, then you have some responsibilities. Seeing somebody applying makeup from common testers to customers would become once in a blue moon thing. Now, no Bollywood actress would rely on the makeup available during shoots. They will bring their own makeup. Makeup sharing is not recommended. You have to self-quarantine yourself, so there might not be any need for using makeup if you have any doubts about your products. If after the situation cools down and things fall into place, you can reach the best makeup artist in Delhi and beautify yourself.

It’s an important time to make sure that the hygiene and sanitation standards are up to the mark in make-up studios. At Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers’ safety and security of our clients is our priority. Our makeup courses and training program include a full module designed specifically in educating our students about the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Weekly and monthly makeup courses are available at our studio for beginners and experienced makeup artist to brush up on their existing skills or learn a new art. We prioritize health, safety and the rest of the things are secondary.

Our certified makeup courses and training through experts make us stand out of the rest.

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