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Time is a precious thing

Today women are handling a number of responsibilities. Such as work, career, Society, family, children, friendships, exercising, cooking, cleaning, and many more. Apart from all these responsibilities every woman wants to look beautiful. A healthy diet can make you beautiful, but as we all know every woman want to look more and more beautiful. Makeup is the only thing which can make you look different from other women.

Makeup is also not a necessary thing for a woman, but, if your makeup helps you to feel confident throughout the day, then there is no need to sacrifice your makeup because of a busy schedule of the morning. You can do your regular makeup in just 10 minutes of your morning schedule.

Now it’s time to wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, to get time for your routine makeup, Then follow the easy tips by the top makeup artist in Delhi “Meenakshi Dutt”. These tips will help you look gorgeous as you are already, also able to make you feel confident and comfortable throughout the day. 

So, let’s check out the steps for routine makeup in 10-minutes suggested by Meenakshi Dutt, The Professional Makeup artist in Delhi.

2 Minutes: – Cleansing and Massage

Your makeup routine may be classy and straightforward, but you would have to start your makeup with the cleaning stage.

First of all, wash your face with warm water, always use a natural face wash or gentle soap to clean the oil from your skin which was generated at the time of your sleep. Also, make sure to use a cleanser for your skin type. If you are not sure which skin type you have, you can discuss it with your regular dermatologist. Accordingly, you can select the best products and treatments for your skin by yourself.

Now, Apply the cleanser on your face and massage gently, use your fingertips to massage and rubs in upwards Direction. This method stimulates the blood circulation in your face and helps to get the blood and sinuses flowing and provide a natural glow to your skin.

As per the suggestions of Meenakshi Dutt, a known makeup artist in Delhi do this process twice in a week at least.

30 seconds: – to take Moisturize your skin

After cleansing, once your face is dirt less and oil less than your face needs some hydration. Your routine face cream or a daily moisturiser can help your skin to get hydrated, and create a smooth and healthy surface for your makeup.

Apply a light moisturizer which formulates SPF to prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, and sun damage. Same as a facial cleanser, you would have to use a moisturizer formulated for your skin type.

Make sure it must be a formula for day time, because night moisturizers are always heavier, and will make you look shinier and which will not give a natural look.

Most important tip by Meenakshi Dutt, you need to apply SPF every day, it hardly matters whether it’s a rainy season or cloudy season. Secondly, it is very important to apply a moisturizer with sunscreen lotion on your neck also, and reapply as needed throughout the day.

1 Minute: – Natural Base

Now your skin is ready to get paint. Apply your foundation correctly, although it can be tricky and time- consuming too and might be heavy for some skin type, then better to use a tinted moisturizer if you have dry skin or mineral powder foundation if you have oily skin.

A healthy and combined skin can use both (apply tinted moisturizer first and then brush over the T-zone or oily areas with the powder).

1 minute: – Concealer

Concealer is used to hide any dark circle or spots in your face. Apply Concealer after tinted moisturiser and before powder and foundation.

Tinted moisturizer will create a smooth primer for the concealer, while powder foundation sets it gently.

30 Seconds: – to Blush

It is time-consuming heavy contouring for a girl’s night out or date night, usually, most of the girls use blush and bronzer to highlight the cheekbones.

You can use creams and finger work into the skin. Formulates powered and wide headed loose powered brush may be more user-friendly more than a traditional blush brush, As this brush is better to distribute colour and smooth with gels and synthetic makeup.

1 minute: – Eyeliner

As we have very fewer time ladies, so leave those liquid eyeliners, and start using a sketch and simple crayons eyeliners. Crayons are softer in nature and blend easily. So if you made any mistake while applying it can easily get removed and reapplied.

For a fresh and regular look, do a simple swipe across the top lash line. Then at the end of the outer lash corner, flick the pencil upward for a cute cat-eye effect to look like a longer looking lashes and bigger looking eyes.

30 seconds (Not more than that):-for Maskara

If you don’t carry any other eye makeup or you don’t like to carry eye makeup, but mascara is a thing which you can use without using any other eye makeup like eyeliner or eye shadows, and still make your eyes look gorgeous.

There is no need to carry artificial eyelashes in daily routine, it can bother you more.

With Maskara you can use an eyelash curler for 15 seconds on each eye, and then apply your favourite mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

1 minute: – Eye shadow

Well applying Eyeshade is optional; already Eyeliner and Maskara can make your eyes more beautiful and give you a definite look. But for a little glamour, you can apply some natural shades of eye shadows.

1 minute: – Eyebrows

Never use any liquid brow pencils and eyebrow gels, as it can be difficult to carry for a whole day. Better to use a brown pencil to shape up your eyebrows.

For a casual look, you can use a pencil which must be one shade lighter than your hair colour. Fill the gaps in your eyebrows with the help of pencil and shape it up.

10 seconds: – Lips

Lip glosses are on-trend nowadays as they take less time than a lipstick, also they are more forgiving than lipsticks and lip liners.

Lip glosses nowadays are formulated with long-lasting colour and hydration, so they can moisturize your lips too.

So ladies, Time out and you are ready to go to your workplace or follow your daily routine with your beautiful and Glamorous face.

Well, these all are the tips by one of the makeup artist in Delhi. Your regular routine and practice will make you perfect in all these makeup steps and if you are looking to learn Makeup, you can check out Makeup Academy in Delhi running by Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers. The Academy provides all kinds of makeup courses such as Bridal Makeup, Corporate makeup, Celebrity makeup, Engagement makeup, Cocktail makeup and much more trending makeup looks.


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