Are you one of those who always worry about putting on too much makeup every time you need to go to a wedding? Do you think that your everyday makeup look might not be sufficient for a wedding? If any of these is true, you can use the below wedding guest makeup guide that will get you through with all the wedding invitations! Follow the tips below, and you will be good to go!

Don’t choose those dark lipsticks for summer weddings

Always choose light colors when you’re attending a summer wedding because they’re a statement style themselves. Colors like pink can help add a spark to any outfit without making you look any extra. (Always remember to put the lipstick you apply in the clutch for a touch-up whenever required.)

Don’t contour too much

If you do not wish to outshine the bride in any way, do not fo for a full-glam look. Instead, try the bronzer with a little shimmer on your cheeks to warm up your complexion.

Focus on one spot

Do not run after matching the color of your outfit with everything, including your lips as well as eyes. But, always stick to one spot that you would like to glam to look more sophisticated. For example, a dark eyeshadow will always go with neutral lipstick while a simple eyeliner look will go well with shining pink lips.

Smokey eyes? Big no!

As elegant as smokey eyes might look for a glam day, it’s never suggested to wear a dark eyeshadow when you’re a wedding guest. That might put you too much out there, and you might end up feeling that you have overdone your makeup. If you still want to pop out your eyes, a bold and winged eyeliner will always do the job for you.

Do not experiment!

Trying something new in your look is always a great idea unless you’re experimenting while going to a wedding. You never know how it might turn out, and that will make you uncomfortable there. If you’re anyways in doubt, go neutral with your makeup, and that will always work in every single situation.

Always choose the makeup according to the outfit

Your outfit obviously plays an important role in what color eyeshadow you will choose or what lipstick you’ll be carrying. But, as said before, do not try to match the makeup too much with the outfit because that’s not a good look! If your outfit is a colorful piece, go for neutral and light makeup while you may want to add some colors to your makeup if your outfit is understated.

Don’t choose the bridal colors

With your outfit and makeup, always remember not to choose the obvious bridal colors. This is the basic thing that’ll save you from any discomfort in front of the crowd.

Agree with us? These tips are one of the most used ones in any makeup academy in Delhi. So, opt these, and you would never regret your wedding makeup.

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