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Chilling winter is approaching and so is the second half of 2019 wedding season. Right from bonfire nights, mouth-watering food to moving around without being anxious about sweating, winter weddings are probably the most ideal ones! You are free to select the heaviest outfit and condiment every moment. When it comes to makeup in winters, you can play around and stand out with your bridal look too. To make sure that you don’t stress about makeup trends, we have asked the best makeup artist in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt to reveal some winter wedding secrets and tips for you to help you look phenomenal at your own wedding.

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One Makeup Trend Brides should choose for this chilling cold wedding season :

The makeup diva, Meenakshi Dutt says that for 2019, brides can prefer to choose Natural Makeup. Showcasing the millennial vibe alive to your makeup look, you can team up your stunning makeup with a heavy bridal outfit. 

What would be the ideal time for brides to opt for a makeup trial for weddings in winter?

Meenakshi Dutt, recommends that it would be perfect if the brides take a trial 20 days prior along with their wedding outfit.  She suggests as winters keep your skin very dry,  so makeup trials will help you in knowing the most suitable makeup and products beforehand to simply slay at your wedding.

For a Day and Night wedding, what is the perfect lip colour for a winter bride to be :

The best professional makeup artist, Meenakshi Dutt reveals that in winters for a day wedding it is best if brides opt for peachy nude lip color as it would be pleasing and not very loud too.

While for a night wedding, she says it will be ideal if brides opt for colours like deep cranberry red for lips. To keep up the night look, it would be great if brides choose deep reds for a night to mesmerize everyone with those bold lips. 

Beauty Tip for Brides to keep their skin hydrated for the winter wedding :

Meenakshi Dutt who herself has beautiful skin suggests to drink and intake lots of water. As in winters one really doesn’t feel thirsty but drinking lots of water has always been the key to a happy beautiful skin. Also, Meenakshi Dutt says using essential oils suiting your skin type is another milestone achieved towards beautiful and healthy skin. She says essential oils will not only help your skin being hydrated but also nourish it perfectly to keep that glow flowing from within.

So brides keep these expert tips by the best makeup artist in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt in mind and what are you waiting for? Hurry up and don’t act lazy in these coming cold winters and start nourishing your skin right away to kill your wedding look and slay your dream ideal bridal look on your wedding day.

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