Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Payment will be taken from the client prior to the makeup. Do not forget to carry the payment.


  1. Please note the advance handed over to us is neither transferable nor refundable or adjustable in any circumstances.


  1. It is to be noted no self-makeup and dressing is allowed in the premises.


4. RS 1,000 will be charged extra for every half an hour that is delayed from the appointment time.


  1. RS 500 will be charged extra for eyelashes and lenses.


  1. RS 2,500 will be charged extra for appointments before and after salon timings or during holidays.


  1. Please be punctual to your time &appointment date.


  1. No children less than 5 years are allowed in the premises.


  1. Charges can be increased without any prior notice.


10. Charged can be increased without any prior notice.


  1. If your attire drape is very difficult either learn it from your designer or get an assist to help our staff.


  1. Please make sure somebody is there to pick you immediately after your ready as we close our salon by 9.00 pm latest.
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