Selecting the ideal foundation can be a little difficult, a shade too light and you risk looking like a Geisha girl, too dark and you are converted into an unintended bronze goddess. Which formulation—powder, liquid, mineral or mousse—works perfect? What about particular formulas that benefit your skin kind the most?

It’s a veritable minefield but it’s worth taking the time to discover the ideal foundation that works best for you because the newest formulations cover all bases, right from reviving luminosity and hiding imperfections to smoothing out wrinkles and making open pores vanish. Before you step out for shopping, figure out if you’re pale, dark or medium. Once you discover your skin tone, use a particular brand’s shade name as a good to go guideline. If you have a fair skin tone, neglect pink-toned foundations because fair skins are more prone to redness. Instead, opt for a hue labeled beigeorbuff that balances redness offering you a matte look. Wheatish skin complexioned beauties with yellow undertones—most Indians fall under this category—do perfect when they choose and stick to shades like labeled warm, medium or golden. Meanwhile, dusky beauties opt for tan and sable to give a light sheen to their skin tone.

To help you explore with some great suggestions and brands for choosing the ultimate foundation, we got in touch with the most experienced and best makeup artist in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt. Tune into the blog, to achieve ultimate coverage, with the best suited foundation for your skin type, to always have that beautiful and radiant skin.

Formulation essentials:

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Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted MoisturizersMeenakshi Dutt recommends Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20Maybelline New York Clear Glow BB CreamPonds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness Cream and Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation SPF 15

What is it?

Lightweight moisturizer formulations that gives a sheer color wash and light coverage for a natural look to balance out the skin complexion. According to Meenakshi Dutt it’s just perfect if you don’t need a lot of coverage but just want to moisturize the skin and even out skin tone.

Just so ideal for soothing and shielding the skin and adding a hint of color. These tinted moisturizers usually offer some protection from the sun as well.

Who are they meant for?

 These work best on women with normal to dry skin.

Liquid Foundations:

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Liquid Foundations: Meenakshi Dutt recommends Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation, NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation and Deborah 24Ore ideal Foundation:

What is it?

These flexible formulations go on like a dream and provide sheer-to-full coverage. They blend beautifully into skin to create a matte look and hide pores to give a radiant and flawless finish. Since these liquid foundations are water-based, they give the ultralight feel to the skin.  The waterproof and smudge-proof variety tends to be heavier because they contain oils and wax. Meenakshi Dutt, the best makeup artist in Delhi suggests that it would be ideal for people who are prone to breakouts or pertain a sensitive skin, best recommended to stick to a water-based formula.

Who are they meant for?

Liquid foundations suit almost all skin kinds. The water-based formulations are especially best suited for oily and combination skin tone.

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Stick Foundation:

Cream and stick foundations: Meenakshi Dutt recommends Nykaa SKIN, genius Foundation Stick Conceal Contour & CorrectorMakeup Revolution Fast Base Stick FoundationFaces Ultime Pro Blend Finity Stick Foundation and Flower Beauty Pore Perfect Instant Blur Stick Multi-Tasking Foundation :

What is it?

Stick foundations are good to go options according to our makeup expert, Meenakshi Dutt for girls who require SOS convenience. They’re also great for use as a concealer to hide the flaws.  Meenakshi Dutt says that though they’re user – friendly, it’s perfect to choose for spot applications rather than all-over use. Blending in the formula after use is important to balance out the makeup for that radiant coverage.

Who are they meant for?

They are suitable for all skin types, right from dry to oily to combination skin.

Stripe test works best:

You can analyze your skin tone in a numberless way, but the stripe test is the only real method of discovering out which foundation shade is the most ideal for your skin type. Apply three different colors of foundation in vertical stripes starting from the cheekbone to right below the jawbone. Experiment with a freshly washed face and not your arm or hand or wrist as they are the most common areas that can have shades different from your face. The forehead is one of the good options too.
Then right from head to the window with a mirror in hand check out the foundation stripes in the natural light. The foundation shade that looks like to be the most invisible, perfectly blending into your skin tone is the ideal one for you. Remember a great foundation should just blend out your complexion and hide away your flaws, not make you a shade fairer or darker. Nothing looks clingy than a face in a different shade right from the neck and the rest of your body.

Mousse Formulations:

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Mousse formulas: Meenakshi Dutt recommends Color bar Flawless Finish Mousse FoundationtheBalm Even Steven Whipped Foundation and Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse 16hr.

What is it?

Mousse also known as whipped foundations are applied in thin layer areas, relying on the coverage you seek for. Basically, its liquid makeup with air whipped in to make it feel lighter and smoother on your skin.

Who are they meant for?

According to Meenakshi Dutt whipped or mousse foundation generally works for all skin kinds but is especially ideal for dry or aging skin because it glides on evenly and smoothly instead of caking up the facial lines.

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Cream-To-Powder Formulations:

Meenakshi Dutt suggests Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet & Dry Compact

What is it?

It is an amazing innovation, the cream-to-powder foundation goes on like a liquid on to your skin but dries to a powder form and finish. This cream to powder foundation minimizes oil—a boon for humid weather—offering you to stay radiant. It’s convenient to apply and you don’t have to apply powder to get full coverage, as suggested by Meenakshi Dutt. It is more of a tinted moisturizer than less being a creamy concealer stick.

Who are they meant for?

It works wonder for normal to slightly oily skin kind.  Ideal it would be if you pertain a combination skin with a greasy T zone.

Mineral Powders Foundation :

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Mineral powders: Meenakshi Dutt recommends: L’Oréal Paris True Match Minerals Skin-Improving FoundationNatio Pure Mineral

What is it?

Mineral powder foundations are the latest trend in makeup. A boon for sensitive skin and women with allergies because the main ingredient is inert minerals that rarely clog pores or cause any type of reactions on the skin. Meenakshi Dutt recommends that the ideal way to use mineral foundation is to brush them on with big, huge puffy brushes like Color bar First Impressions Powder Brush or the Vega Powder Brush, making up layers of closely invisible powder.  In fact, the subtle look they create has led many to liken the overall finish to airbrush makeup. Totally relying on your need, you can apply the product to build medium to full coverage for radiant skin.

Who are they meant for?

These are best for normal to oily skin types. It also works wonders for women who tend to go through breakouts with regular foundations.

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Concealers: Meenakshi Dutt recommends Maybelline New York Fit Me ConcealerL.A. Girl Pro Conceal HDNYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand and Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer

What is it?

Concealers are the ideal good when you want to conceal an imperfection like under-eye circles, cheek redness or a zit. Consider thickness and color while choosing a brand. Our best makeup in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt recommends selecting a yellow-toned product to cover up under-eye circles. According to Meenakshi Dutt, Rule of thumb: opt a color that’s a lighter shade than foundation. Testify the color on your neck down your ear. Always apply concealer before foundation for an ideal coverage says Meenakshi Dutt “with a very light hand dab on foundation over the concealed area to prevent it from getting rubbed off.

We hope these pointers by Meenakshi Dutt, will help you narrow down your confusion and options and lead you towards choosing the ideal foundation for your skin type.

Do let us know about your favorite foundation to add-on in your makeup trousseau!!!

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