Eye Lash

We cannot deny the fact that long dark lashes add extra beauty to the entire bridal makeup. Though it glorifies the get up, brides are often skeptical when it comes to wearing fake eye lashes. It is natural for most women to question about applying falsies to their eyes who haven’t worn it ever. However, it does not harm your eyes when applied by the best bridal makeup artist along with extra protection. You will definitely have to take a little care but that is completely normal. Application of good quality eye lashes and glue keeps you away from an eye infection. Cheap or overused fake eye lashes are not good for usage.

But before that, here are a few very common myths that need to be busted regarding the application of false eye lashes as recommended by a makeup artist in Delhi.

  1. It will come off any minute- With fake lashes comes insecurities regarding coming off of the eye lashes. However, if you choose a good quality eye lash and get it applied by the a top makeup artist in Gurgaon, you can enjoy any party and function in a carefree way. Avoid rubbing your eyes after the application of those falsies as the glue will come off.
  2. It won’t stick- A professional makeup artist is fully aware of the ways to keep that eye lashes stuck to your eyes. They use good quality glue that won’t come out. Choosing Pooja Sonik as your makeup artist for your BIG day is a great option to avoid any kind of problem regarding your bridal makeup.
  3. Can I wear falsies with contact lenses? – It is completely safe to wear false eye lashes when wearing contact lenses. There will be no discomfort when wearing both of them. However, do not forget to wear high quality glue to keep your lashes in place, referred by an artist from the best-rated makeup studio in Delhi.

If you like or want to try fake long eye lashes, go for it. Buy a good quality eye lash and glue to avoid any inconvenience. A good quality glue keeps the lashes secured and also avoid any eye infection. Refer the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi for a professional touch.

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