When you’re a bride-to-be, we totally understand the struggle till the D-day !!! Your regime prior to your wedding can take a little bit of a backseat as thanks to the countless work and arrangements that goes into a wedding! That’s what we have figured it’ll just be convenient for you to have a checklist to refer these amazing pre bridal packages checklist of sorts, which can keep you going right on track!

So this summer for all the beautiful brides to be, here is an ideal pre bridal packages checklist by the one and only and best bridal makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt, to help you all brides to ease out and look your best at your D-day and keep that glow flowing.

Check this super amazing pro pre bridal packages checklist by Meenakshi Dutt and how to go about it !!

One Month’s Vow:

Book your pre-bridal packages to pamper yourself and fetch a good bridal consultation.
Now is the time to finally book and start over it!!!

Beauty Sutra Facial :
Treat your skin to the celebrated secrets of Indian royalty. Borrowing from paramparas in palaces across India, extracts of natural ingredients embraced with traditional massage sanskara, this is a must to revitalize your skin to get that bridal glow from within.

Indulge in a rejuvenating body spa :

Give your back the care it deserves with this soothing massage that’s an ideal resort and great escape to your stress. Created to make you calm you’ll be left wanting more. It
should be a mandate for you to need it to get your head calmed down from all the wedding planning happening around.

Signature Hands and Feet Ritual :

Someone has rightly quoted that a women’s beauty is judged by her feet and hands.
Packed with antioxidants and detanning characteristics, this regime releases tension from hands and feet, keeping them supple, beautiful yet glowing. Here’s a beauty regime that not only exfoliates and softens your feet but also lightens them up leaving them super soft.

Detan is an ideal choice !!!!

Same goes for the body too, back, arms, legs, feet- whatever needs some lightening.

Gold Collagen Masque :
Pamper your skin with the most priceless metal GOLD!!. With rich flakes of 24-carat gold and a secret formula, get an impeccable glow and radiance that’s truly worth it!!!
FAB in just 15 days!!!!!

If you are getting married in the next 15 days, this one’s custom made for you to go all gaga about yourself !!!

Hair Cut!!!!!

Great hair is the ultimate key to perfect out your bridal look. So taking care of your tresses is one of the most important things too. !!

Whatever you need- trim, colour, gloss, keratin treatment, deep conditioning, hair spa, now is the time to get it done and have those ideal and healthy tresses like never before.

Perfect Radiance Illuminate Ritual :

Luxuriously glowing skin is just a facial away. Give it that perfect balance of glow with an exquisite leaving it picture-perfect. So that you get enough time in hand for some rashes/zits to vanish leaving aside a beautiful supple skin.

Facial Detan  :

Now that’s a very important step for brides to be, bleaching two weeks before the big day is a perfect time so that you can give enough time to the redness or reactions to subside. It gets you rid of your tan easily too!!  Top it up with a Gold Collagen Masque to get that fabulous and flawless skin.

Destressing Back Treatment :

Just to relax and calm your senses just before the D-day is good to go !!

The Pre-Bridal Package Express!!

Perfect beauty plan to get you ready in a week!

Insta Care Spa :

Add softness and shine to your hair while protecting them from UV damage with this royal spa enriched with nourishing oils.

The perfect time to pamper your tresses and get them looking shinning, healthy and great.

Argan Oil- Full Body Waxing :

Your waxing needs are at topmost priority, get rid of unwanted hair as the Argan oil regime removes it in a gentle and nourishing way, leaving your skin soft and supple like never before. A week before the wedding gives your skin enough time to calm down and sooth after a wax!

One Day to Go!!!

Check the instant pre bridal packages!!

Pedicure and Manicure :

The ideal time to get it done so you have perfect nails and no chipped nail polish! Make sure you get it done before the Mehendi night though!

Facial Threading :

Eyebrows, upper lip, forehead or sideburns whatever you need get it done Asap as the D-day is on its way..to close!!!!!!!

Peel Off Waxing – Brazilian :

Say goodbye to waxing frets and woes as you can go for the ultra hygienic peel off waxing regime perfect for especially delicate skin and intimate areas, enriched with avocado butter, it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple just like you ever dreamt of !!!

Nail Extensions or Nail Art :

Get some pretty looking nails that are in trend these days with nail extensions or beautiful nail art instead of the old school plain old polish!

Stick to these beauty treatments by the best professional makeup artist in Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt for your pre-wedding, and we’re sure you’ll be all sorted and happy.  If you are a bride to be and in a dilemma for whom to choose for the best pre bridal packages and bridal makeup then, Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers is the ideal choice as the makeup diva Meenakshi Dutt will surely help each and every single bride  to have this special feeling – of becoming the cynosure of all eyes on her wedding.

So all the brides follow these and keep that glow flowing!!!!

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