makeup artist i delhi


Meenakshi Dutt is a well known and famous makeup queen who rules the makeup industry worldwide and creates magic with her exceptional skills and makes everyone spellbound with her extraordinary talent. Optimally praised as the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi, India and around the globe with her modernized magic and establishment for style and beauty totally follows PERFECTION. 

Always dedicated to the complete picture- the most significant cosmetics, hairstyle, and accessories and believes every bit and element should be synergistic to weave an eccentric portrait of total beauty with prominent style.

Her passion and love for flawless makeup no doubt makes her stand out exceptionally and unmatched in the field of the makeup industry.

Ramps were hers to stamp as the queen defeated the Miss Delhi and Miss Navy Queen beauty pageants, beautifying her existence as a professional model in 1988. Briskly moving along as a highly sought-after a television anchor and model, the makeup queen Meenakshi Dutt steered uphill, culling out the career of a magnificent makeover expert and stylist in 1997.

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  • Professional and Famous Celebrity Makeup Artist based in Delhi
  • 24+ years of experience as a Makeup Artist and Makeup Mentor.
  • Certified Makeup & Hair Courses 
  • Skill India & NSDC Certified Professional Makeup Academy in Delhi
  • Latest & Trendy Bridal, Engagement, Party, Glam, and Festive Makeup look.
  • Variety of makeup products used like FENTY, STAGELINE NARS, HUDA BEAUTY, ANASTASIA, etc.
  • Rated as top Makeup Artist in Delhi, NCR, and India by professional reviewers, wedding planners, makeup and fashion bloggers, and photography studios across India and worldwide.
  • 20 Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers Makeup & Hair Salons franchise across India in major cities like Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, Rohtak, Agra, Amritsar, Kanpur, Jammu, Bikaner, Ghaziabad, Indore, Jaipur, Patna, Ranchi,  etc.
  • Rated as 4.8 stars on Google
  • Rated as 4.9 stars on Wedmegood
  • Meenakshi Dutt has 6,70,000 followers on Instagram and 1 million+ followers on Facebook.




At Meenakshi Dutt's Makeup salon, we’re exclusively committed to spoiling you truly like a star during your bridal journey! The months leading up to a wedding are always an exacting time and that’s where we come in rescue to ease out your nerves!
Our magnificently curated luxurious pre-bridal packages, will indulge you from head to toe and reveal a bridal glow like none other! From the minute you step into the salon until your D-Day, we treat you to a range of splendid indulgent skin, hair, hands, and feet therapies that will leave you in heaven, feeling and looking like the superstar you are! If perfect wedding look & beyond is what you have dreamt about, then Meenakshi Dutt's pre-Bridal Makeup packages, are the ideal ones. Pamper yourself with opulence and rejuvenation to keep that glow flowing from within at Meenakshi Dutt's luxury Salon.

Bridal Makeup :

It goes without saying, that every girl dreams to look the most beautiful in the world at her wedding. While holding their breaths, right from the guests to the bride's and groom's family, wait for just a little glance of the bride on this special day. And to fulfill those expectations, and add sparks to her beauty,
makeup artist plays an imperative role.
MDM is one such makeup artist who is blessed with the epitome of beauty and perfection, she believes in amplifying her client's natural beauty by enhancing their features. Perfectionist, responsible, considerate, talented, and calm are just a handful of words that best describe her.
Sizzle your wedding day with the ideal bridal look with the most talented makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt. When it comes to bridal makeup, Meenakshi Dutt ensures that you slay with beauty like never before. Be an MDM, gorgeous bride that ensures makeup that doesn't look made up.

Engagement Makeup :

The engagement ceremony is a sweet beginning of your beautiful wedding journey. Right from the latest trends, decor, themes for engagement ceremony to the latest engagement outfit ideas for brides & grooms to the ideal makeup artist all together mark an ideal and memorable event. From pretty and dainty to bold and glam, Meenakshi Dutt is one of a kind makeup artist that masters all kinds of makeup looks on brides for their engagement, and if you have yours coming up and are super confused about what look to go with, check out Meenakshi Dutt's engagement makeup packages and get a chance to steal the occasion with your splendid and jaw-dropping engagement look.

Party Makeup :

Right from hosting a party or to someone organizing it for you, or even if you are a guest at the party, your entry should reveal that you were really excited to be a part of it. From your outfit to your party makeup, everything plays a role in showcasing that happiness to make that party a memorable one. Who better than Meenakshi Dutt, could help you keep it classy and sassy. Explore MDM astonishing party makeup packages, and kill it with your gorgeous looks. Call us or book your appointment with our exclusive party makeup packages only at Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers salon.

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