Online Courses Terms:

  • Once the course is purchased the amount is non-refundable
  • Once the purchase is made an email confirmation and the other details about the course and the process to view the videos will me send to the candidate
  • The video content is the only course material available, no additional course material will be provided
  • The Certificate offered after the end of the course is of E format (Soft copy); no hard copy of the Certificate of completion will be provided.
  • The videos of the class should not be downloaded, and any attempt to do so or unauthorized sharing will be treated as an offense. Strict actions will be taken against such an act, and it will be deemed a violation of the candidate's agreement.
  • All the related documents sent to the candidate regarding the course are Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Academy's intellectual property, and the candidate cannot copy or reproduce it in any format without permission. In case a candidate does that it will be deemed as an offense and strict action will be taken against such an act.
  • In case of any issues regarding the payment, the candidate can email us. We will respond to them as soon as possible but can take up to 14 days.
  • It is our sole discretion to decide whether a candidate is suitable for the course or not
  • It is our sole discretion to decide whether to offer you the Certificate or completion or not.
  • We reserve the right to cancel anyone’s registration despite payment or remove the videos.
  • We take up to 14 days to resolve any issue regarding the Online Makeup Course.
  • Hindi Version is dubbed but many words will still be in English due to a lack of alternatives. हिंदी विडीओ डब्ड है उसने काफ़ी वर्ड्ज़ इंग्लिश मैं है क्यूँ की कोई और ऑल्टर्नटिव नहीं है
  • We are waived from any legal action/refunds at the purchase of the course

Salon Terms:

  1. Payment will be taken from the client prior to the makeup. Do not forget to carry the payment.
  2. Please note the advance handed over to us is neither transferable nor refundable or adjustable in any circumstances.
  3. It is to be noted no self-makeup and dressing is allowed in the premises.
  4. Rs. 1,000 will be charged extra for every half an hour that is delayed from the appointment time.
  5. Rs. 500 will be charged extra for eyelashes and lenses.
  6. Rs. 2,500 will be charged extra for appointments before and after salon timings or during holidays.
  7. Please be punctual to your time &appointment date.
  8. No children less than 5 years are allowed in the premises.
  9. Charges can be increased without any prior notice.
  10. Charged can be increased without any prior notice.
  11. If your attire drape is very difficult either learn it from your designer or get an assist to help our staff.
  12. Please make sure somebody is there to pick you immediately after your ready as we close our salon by 9.00 pm latest.


Brush Kit Terms :

  1. Delivery may take 7 - 30 days
  2. If there is an issue with the product that particular piece may be replaced at our discretion but must be informed within 24 hours of receiving the product
  3. Refund is not given under any circumstances whatsoever.
  4. For Any Query, we required 7-14 days for a response.


Pro Academy Course Terms:

1. Full payment will be taken in advance at the time of Registration, If any payment plan is given you are bound to complete the payment on the decided number of classes/ Tenth class.

2. Any extra material other than the prescribed kits used from the studio will be on a Chargeable basis,

3. Makeup & Hair tools have to be procured by the students themselves. 4. The list for all the products will be given by the Academy.

5. Students should maintain the Decorum of the studio during the classes, Students must adhere to the timings and days of classes.

6. The Pro Make-up Course must be completed within the tenure of 60 days, no student will be entertained after the mentioned tenure, and Models Hairstyling is not Included.

7. The Pro Hairstyling course must be completed within the tenure of 30 days; no student will be entertained after the mentioned tenure.

8. The Pro Make-up and Hairstyling course must be completed within the tenure of 90 days; no student will be entertained after the mentioned tenure. Students pursuing weekend classes must complete their course within the tenure of 8 months.

9. Students should arrange models themselves for the practical make-up class and the final assessment.

10. Students are advised to strictly note the timing and day of Master Class with MEENAKSHI DUTT as it will not be repeated.

11. Models if arranged by us will be on a chargeable basis.

12. The fee is non-refundable and cannot be adjusted in any other services or products. 13. The class by Meenakshi Dutt if informed, confirmed and not attending will be considered as, attended & will not be repeated.

14. All rules/offers can be changed by management at their discretion.

15. Any broken items furniture/products must be reimbursed immediately by the student itself.

17. Students must leave the premises by 6:30 PM at maximum.

18. Any disputes are will be under the New Delhi jurisdiction

19. Once registration/course fee is paid there is no scope for refund under any circumstance even in the case of govt. mandated lockdowns.

20. You are liable to pay the full fee once registered.

21. Classes are taken by all senior trainers, no specific trainer will be assigned

22. We reserve the right to cancel your course or remove you from the premises if there is any misconduct or misbehavior as we deem fit.